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Published on : Apr 29, 2015

Honeywell Performance and Materials Technologies (PMT) has set up a new manufacturing unit in China. The unit specializes in producing catalysts that are used in making components for plastics production. Located in an industrial park in Zhangjiagang City of Jiangsu province, the site will help China to meet the growing demand for propylene, by manufacturing catalysts used to convert propane to propylene.   

Darius Adamczyk, the president and CEO of Honeywell PMT mentioned that the setting up of the new manufacturing site has been an important milestone for the company and it would help in the overall growth of the company. The catalysts manufactured by the site are used in the Oleflex process which is patented by Honeywell’s UOP, a global leader in technology related to the oil and gas industries. While converting propane to propylene, Oleflex technology provides higher yields at lower production costs, with minimum environmental impact. In the last four years, UOP has licensed the Oleflex technology to 30 producers across the globe, among which 25 are in China.

The company had announced the plan to set up the manufacturing facility in October 2013. Apart from the catalysts, the site will produce adsorbent materials which are used in natural gas processing, and in refining and petrochemical production. According to Scott Zhang, the vice president and general manager of Honeywell PMT’s Asia region, the manufacturing operations at the site would support the economy of the area by using local raw materials and help in sustainable development of Jiangsu province.