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Honey Not a Healthy Alternative

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Published on : May 06, 2019

According to an Action on Sugar research, the retail industry is misleading consumers stating honey is better than sugar.  Companies promote honey and syrups as a healthy alternative to sugar. They contain the same level of sugar as compared to normal sugar. Companies do not inform consumers about this fact

Although honey is less processed and they fall under less glycemic index. They are said to be high in nutrients, however, there is no substantial data to back this claim. Another factor that has come to light is honey fraud. This means the quantity of honey is way too less and sugar syrup content is high in commercial honey that are being promoted in the market. Regardless of this, honey is still being promoted as a healthy option, misleading the consumers.

Misleading Labels

Action on Sugar, at Queen Mary University of London, studied honey, sugar, and syrups available in UK hypermarkets. These products are labeled as a healthy alternative in comparison to sugar. However, that’s not the case. Honey contains almost the same amount of sugar which is equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar. The research says, these retailers mislead the consumers by branding it as healthy. Unaware consumers think that they are choosing a better alternative.

‘Action on Sugar’ advices consumers to choose less sugar or go sugarless. Honey is equal to table sugar. The research team head Dr. Kawther Hashem says, It is disappointing to see that companies are misleading consumers about honey which is as good as table sugar.

Action on Sugar team is calling out all the food and beverages companies and government to display the sugar content in the products including honey and syrup based products.