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Honda Still Working on Sports Car Trio

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Published on : Apr 27, 2015

Honda car loyalists keep going back to its favorite make. Honda is one of the top car-maker in Japan, credits to a range of high-profile cars in its belt and more to come. 

Honda has come out of a product hibernation after several recalls and performance issues.
Last year, the company launched the new Accord Hybrid and N-Box mini-car of 666cc, which was followed by the Legend flagship. However, of all only Accord Hybrid will be sold in Australia starting mid-June.

The beginning of the year, the long-awaited Formula 1 from Honda had a comeback and the company also launched new versions of Grace mini-vans and Stepwagon. On top of this Honda also launched Japan’s the hottest ever mini-car launched in the country, the S660 sportster which is turbocharged.

The motor show in Tokyo in October this year will bring out the details of the fastest front-drive coupe, the new Civic Type-R. The automobile is supposedly the world’s fastest, the car used 228Kw 2.0- liter turbo four to create a front-drive production with a car lap record of 7:50 at Nurburgring in Germany.

The final prototype of the production of the drive hybrid NSX that is four-wheel supercar is expected in the beginning of 2016, after the product is unveiled in Tokyo. This is only part of the story of Honda launches; the company is working on two other products that fit neatly between NSX and S66O in terms of price and performance. 
Honda, which is Japan’s third largest car-maker, has taken prototype of current model CR-Z, which is fitted with four electric motors. The technology is inherited from the car-maker’s rear-motor SH-AWD system, but is now used for automobiles with both front and rear axles.