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Hike in Sales of Purified Bottled Water to Reduce Chances of Water-borne Diseases

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Published on : May 19, 2016

The bottled water market is one of the most progressive markets in the global food and beverages industry. Over the past few years, the bottled water market has been very dynamic owing to the increasing number of participants contributing their varieties of products.

Impure water is one of the primary sources of many health issues and diseases. Over the past decade, the number of people falling sick due to water-borne diseases has increased at a rapid pace. Drinking water that is supplied from the tabs may contain some bacteria and thus, it is to be purified before consuming. Thanks to the availability of water purifiers, people are able to consume safe and pure drinking water. But not everyone can afford to invest in water purifiers. This has augmented the consumption of bottled drinking water. Moreover, the rise in the tourism industry has propelled the global bottled water market in the recent past. Going forward, the global bottled drinking water market is expected to benefit from the availability of plenty of functional and flavored bottled water. 

The increasing awareness among people about health living is expected to propel the global bottled water market in the years to come.

What would Hamper the Global Bottled Water Market?

  • Availability of tap water at low cost is the biggest restraint for the global bottled water.
  • The rising demand for bottled water is expected to increase the production of plastic, thus increasing environmental issues. Environmental impact of plastic recycling procedures is expected to hamper the global bottled water market in the near future. 

However, the development of economical and innovative equipment for drinking water bottling operations is predicted to benefit the global market for bottled water. Further, the use of non-toxic raw materials used for packaging drinking water is also expected to contribute towards the growth of the global bottled water. Currently, leading players in the global bottled water market are focusing on introducing new water purification techniques to assure the provision of safe drinking water. 

The demand for flavored water, carbonated water, and functional water is expected to increase in the years to come, thus propelling the global bottled water market.