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High Requirement for Disease Protection A Boon for Tomato Grafting

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Published on : Mar 18, 2019

Tomato grafting has gained immense popularity in recent times owing to the multiple benefits it offers. There are several nurseries and companies selling grafted tomatoes and organic grafted tomato transplants. This method involves joining two plant varieties known as the scion and the rootstock. Scion is the variety used to grow its fruit and rootstock augments the benefits of the scion. The new plant variety has the ability to combat many diseases the rootstock is resistant to.

The Research States Grafted Tomatoes Exhibit Crop Yield

Dr. Joe Masabani, a small acreage vegetable specialist from AgriLife Extension, has been performing grafting research for the past 3 years. He said that grafting enables the plants to combat soil diseases without chemical sprays. Further, he said that grafted plants have also shown improved yields and cold tolerance if planted early.

Furthermore, grafting allows growers to plant in the same soil and saves them the hassle of buying compost every time. Heirloom is the most fragile variety of tomatoes, grafting it with a hybrid rootstock can help increase its yield manifold. In addition to this, grafted tomatoes yield bigger fruits and can tolerate a high-salinity environment.

Grafting tomatoes can help professional growers increase their revenue if executed correctly. Additionally, it will also help them utilize the characteristics of hybrid tomatoes or other vegetables to extend the harvest period.

However, despite these benefits, the increased investment has deterred grafting from entering the mainstream market. Nevertheless, with increased awareness about the DIY grafting techniques, many professional growers are entering the grafting bandwagon. Furthermore, scientists will increase the number of scions required to graft with a variety of rootstocks in the future.

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