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High Incidences of Hearing Losses Induces High Demand for Hearing Aids

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Published on : Jul 28, 2016

Hearing aids are devices that provide assistance to the partially deaf people by amplifying the sound signals. The hearing aids market is anticipated to boom owing to the increasing number of hearing impairment cases. However, a report by WHO indicates that the hearing aid production globally could hardly meet 10% of the total need in 2015.

  • Growing Geriatric Population Fuels the Demand for Hearing Aids: With a rising global population crossing the age of 60, the risk of hearing impairment is also increasing. The sales of hearing aids are positively influenced by the increasing geriatric population across the globe. Moreover, features such as proper insulation and easy-fit on the ear make hearing aid a popular choice amongst the old-age population.
  • Government initiatives Back the Growth of Hearing Aids Market: An increase in the level of awareness in the patients regarding the hearing aids in the last few years can be attributed to government campaigns and incentives aimed at curbing the incidence of hearing loss. The technological advancements are also playing a significant role in augmenting the sales of hearing aids. The introduction of rechargeable hearing aids with quick charging features and long lasting battery life will bolster the growth of the market.
  • High Prevalence of Hearing Impairment among Adults Open Avenues for Research: Various studies report that nearly 6% of the global population suffers from hearing loss, out of which approximately 95% are adults. The incidences of hearing impairment are increasing at an alarming rate. This opens avenues for development of new products.

Opportunities for the growth of the market are most conducive in Europe and has registered the highest number of users of hearing aids. However, rising investment in the healthcare infrastructure and high unmet medical needs are likely to make Asia Pacific market lucrative.