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Healthy Bonez Beverage Company Opens Sales Outlet in Kirkland

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Published on : Aug 20, 2015

With the hot August days in Kirkland begging for cool, refreshing drink, many residents of Kirkland are flocking to the recently opened juice truck from Bonez Beverage Company on Market Street. The newly p-anted flowers which surround the truck flutter around the company’s flag. The smiling faces of the two owners, Shandy Greenleaf and Collin greet the customers, already apprised of orders before the arrival of customers.

About four weeks ago, Shandy and Collin Greenleaf, both 35 years age of age, opened the raw juice and smoothie truck of Healthy Bonez Company with the aim to inspire healthy eating habits and to create relationship with their customers,

 The company and the brand both were started around three years ago, when the Greenleafs tried to adopt healthy lifestyle and tried juicing. This led to the development of a blog full of recipe of juices and a group of followers. 

This led to the development of a business plan and branding plan by Collin. This combined with the juicing skills of Shandy, the company was born. This soon lad to the selling of Healthy Bonez juice from wholesale to a few cocktail lounges in Seattle.

Along with delicious flavors combined with hospitality, Shandy and Collin are aspiring to create an approachable brand, a brand which will not only teach which ingredients are good for after yoga, and will also work to apprise people of juices that helps cure a hangover or simply to make the body feel healthier.

The weekly menu of Healthy Bonez Beverage comprise the freshest seasonal fruits, homemade granola procured from the local Seattle based Granola Company, and fresh juice prepared by the Greenleafs.

Since there are not menu breakfast options on the truck, The Greenleafs are excited about offering fresh juice, smoothies, oatmeal, and more.