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Healthier Organic Dairy Products Creating a Buzz in Global Organic Products Market

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Published on : Jun 30, 2016

The global organic industry has registered many changes in recent years with the organic dairy products segment being the largest contributor. The organic industry is being treated as a perfect alternative to conventional farming. Many companies are investing in manufacturing organic products, which has become the need of the hour. Organic growing has changed since 1960’s when limited products were produced. Today, from meat, milk, yogurt, ice-cream, butter, to fruits and vegetables, many products have become organic. 

In last ten years, the global organic dairy products market has experienced stable growth. Going forward, the entry of new companies and strong market penetration are predicted to propel the global market. India and China are expected to be the most lucrative markets due to their large organic farmlands. People aged between 38 years and 45 years are more thoughtful about chemical residue in various food products, thus they are the primary customers for the manufacturers of organic food products. The increasing number of people purchasing organic drinks and dairy products will benefit the global organic dairy products market.

How will partnerships benefit the global dairy products market? 

Mergers and partnerships between the leading players and the new entrants will create many growth opportunities in the global market. Recently, Organic Valley and General Mills were in the news for entering into a partnership. General Mills in partnership with Organic Valley will assist approximately 20 dairy farms to increase the production of dairy products. This partnership is a result of the commitment of General Mills to double its production of organic food. Currently, Organic Valley is the chief supplier of ingredients for Annie’s cheese and mac products. 

Considering the health benefits, organic dairy food products have become more popular than the traditional food. Organic dairy food products are not only consumed by the athletes but also by the general public. Going forward, the rising awareness about maintaining a good health will contribute towards the growth of the global dairy food products market. The availability of wide variety of organic dairy products at retail stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores is a boon for the market.