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Healthcare Reform in China Yet to Go a Long Way

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Published on : Aug 10, 2015

Recently, a doctor from China became a tech entrepreneur and has actively participated in the latest reform drive that is taking place in the healthcare sector of China. DXY.com is his own healthcare networking platform which connects close to 2 million doctors and physicians all across China. It has also led to the attraction of funds from technology giants such as Tencent. 

Beijing has also stated that this system is something that it had been looking for bringing about positive changes in the healthcare sector. However, the real life picture is rather different wherein DXY is planning on putting a stop on the idea of working with public health care centers for helping connecting patients and doctors. The need for this arises from the fact that the healthcare sector in China is highly fragmented and there are numerous obstacles that the China healthcare sector faces. Experts have also expressed that this whole decision goes beyond technology, capital, or even the market, since these are already quite well developed, but it is actually system, the laws, and the regulations that need attention and a few reforms. 

Investors generally ask, whether or not China is in support of such as change. If the business environment moves towards being pessimistic, it may dissuade investors. China has been able to bring about positive changes in the healthcare sector via several healthcare reforms, which in turn is anticipated to attract several international investors in the area of healthcare services. 

It is also expected that the role played by greater technology will push up the overall sale of drugs mainly from the hospitals that are state run. Approximately US$30 billion have been earned via the numerous healthcare sector acquisitions and mergers investment.