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Healthcare Industry to be Benefited by Introduction of Surgical Robotic Devices

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Published on : Jan 22, 2016

Robotic surgery, also known as a computer-assisted surgery is a result of the technological advancements in the field of medical devices. Robotic surgery makes use of surgical robots as a help in carrying out surgical procedures. Surgical robots were developed to oppress the limitations of previous minimally-invasive surgical processes and to boost the capabilities of surgeons for performing open surgery efficiently. 

In 1985, The PUMA 560, the first robot that was used to place a needle during a brain biopsy with the help of CT guidance. The same robot was again used for performing a transurethral resection after three years.

Some of the important benefits of using surgical robots are:

  • To offer improved diagnostic abilities
  • To offer minimum invasive surgeries
  • More comfortable experience for patients
  • Ability to do precise interventions

The robotic-aided surgical devices help precisely in the delivery of radiation, avoiding the radiological overdosing, which was a very big concern previously, restraining the quantity of radiation that can be delivered to the patient. The tremendous increase in a number of cancer cases across the globe coupled with the growing sophistication of innovative treatment procedures has resulted in boosting the demand for automated devices in the medical industry globally. 

Technological developments have resulted in several improvements in patient care. Moreover, the availability of automated, advanced, and efficient devices in the radiation therapy has resulted in more precise radiotherapy treatments, propelling the global robotic surgical devices market.

Hospitals, across the world, are widely adopting robotic surgical instruments to enhance their outcomes numbers and work efficiency. Surgeries carried out with the help of surgical robots helps the surgeon in controlling the surgical instruments in a better way and it also offers a clear view of the surgical site. Moreover, surgeons do not need to stand throughout the surgery and so they do get tired as quickly. With the help of surgical robots, hand tremors can also be filtered out. The surgical robotic devices can be used continuously by changing the surgery teams.

On the other hand, the use of surgical robots is still a new idea and needs tremendous research to be done. These devices are tremendously costly, which is a major factor why the adoption rate is still very low in hospitals and healthcare centers.