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Healthcare industry takes a cue from Nike Fuelband vending machine

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Published on : Jul 23, 2014

Nike has launched its new vending machine in New York City for its Fuelband. Nike is waiting for its Fuelband users to engage in extra activities such as, scan their wristband and win shirts, socks, hats, or other Nike gears. 

Nike contemplates it as a cool and interesting experiment for grabbing people’s attention to prove that the machine is worthwhile and has reached advancements beyond its novelty stage. 

However, many media reports have raised questions regarding the use of Nike Fuelband machines in the healthcare industry, especially for the patient engagement undertakings. Technically, users receive the rewards based on the user achievements which are clearly not accumulated from workouts over a short period of time. Therefore, with advancements in wearable and sensor devices, this set up is not a giant leap to understand the method of incentives applied to various parts of healthcare industry.  At this point, care plan and medication strategy comes to mind, whereby, the cashless incentives are used to reward medication care such as diet, heart rate, and in some cases, managing patient’s blood-glucose levels.

Such an adherence activity could be incorporated beyond cashless vending machines and into different departmental stores. It is easier for users to get a hassle-free experience at the time of purchase. Users could walk up to any participating store and scan their wearable gear to receive a desired reward in turn.

According to the healthcare professionals, the only reason people do not comply with healthcare plans in the market is because there are multiple solutions to improving adherence and matching its diversity with daily requirements.