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Health Food Industry in China Booming In Spite of Pollution Problems

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Published on : Mar 30, 2015

The World Health store looks like a health nut’s heaven at first glance. One can observe shelves which are cramped neck high with whey protein, supplement bars, chia powder, primrose oil, etc. However, this is Beijing, and the store which used to cater to a health conscious foreign clientele has also become which servers Chinese consumers that are now outnumbering foreigners.

The accelerating fear of the dangerously dirty environment in China has given birth to one of the most rapidly growing sector in China’s consumer market space which is food that has health benefits. The sale of organice food in 2014 was recorded to grow at a breakneck pace of 35 per cent.

The total health and wellness market reached a RMB 637 billion or around US$1 billion. This was not a huge figure when compared to the China’s domestic market. However, it was projected by the government in China that this sector will continue to grow by 20 per cent annually.

In many ways, the country is treading on a path which other nations are already on. South Korea and Japan, the neighboring countries of China have already had their own food scandals. These scandals involved mercury poisoned seafood and recycled rancid oil. In addition to this, Britain experienced the mad cow disease disaster while the United Stated grappled with everything right from fruits such as cantaloupes that were contaminated with listeria to apple juice meant for babies that had no trace of the apple juice.

In midst of such contaminated food or adulterated food, the new market in China of food providing health benefits is booming. Additionally, the incomes of middle class along with the health awareness are growing rapidly after duration of extremely rapid economic growth which left the environment devastated.