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Health Benefits of Maple Water Drives Global Market

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Published on : Jul 01, 2016

The maple water market is an exceptionally niche market and is on the track to gain a significant share in the global markets in the coming years. The impressive growth of this market in the near future will be driven by the increasing number of health-conscious consumers that are on a constant look out for organic and healthy drinks. The biggest advantage of maple water is that is naturally devoid of gluten, dairy, and happens to be low on calories. These attributes are making it poplar amongst fitness groups and those looking for tasty alternatives to water and other sugary drinks. Owing to these reasons, maple water is also selling in great numbers amongst vegans.

Fitness Enthusiasts to Propel Global Maple Water Market
The global beverage industry is currently under the pressure of introducing healthier options as consumers across the globe are eliminating aerated drinks and carbonated drinks from their diets. The emergence of a class that believes in fitness over fashion is creating a way for better drinks, thereby giving the maple water market a serious boost. Additionally, the companies are also interested in selling maple water as it adds to their portfolio showcasing a line of healthier drinks.

Unaffordability of Maple Water to Hamper Growth
The biggest restraint in the global maple water market is that is currently only appeals to the affluent class who can afford it. This restrain will continue to hamper the overall market as long as the production does reach a large scale. Analysts predict that emerging global bottled water market is likely to have a positive influence on global maple water too.

North America to Lead Overall Market
Presently, Europe and North America are leading the maple water market due to abundance of maple trees in the region. Awareness about this product is yet to gain momentum in regions such as Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and North Africa.