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Health Benefits of Green Tea Make it a Popular Drink Over Conventional Tea

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Published on : Jan 18, 2016

In recent times, as tea-consumers are realizing the benefits of green tea its consumption and market share are both on the rise. This tea is made by using camellia sinensis leaves that are minimally processed for packaging purposes. Green tea has become an important segment of the overall tea industry due its expanding market share. The several health benefits it renders has led to popularity amongst consumers. Currently, China is the biggest producer and exporter of several types of green teas, with the whole of Asia Pacific representing a large share. Some of the important markets for green tea in the near future will be Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Middle East, and Japan. The ongoing market trends show that Europe will be the fastest growing market for green tea due to the increasing health awareness amongst consumers in the continent.

Important Factors Driving the Global Green Tea Market

Some of the important growth drivers for the global green tea market are growing consumer awareness about living healthy lifestyles, safety of these products, increasing number of obese people and ability of green tea to trim down excess fat, digestive disorders, and strengthening immunity. In addition to this, green is also being consumed as several believe it reduces the impact of cancer cell, drastically brings down LDL cholesterol, cures general ailments such as cough and cold, relieves headaches and other body aches. In the coming years, the overweight population, which was expected to surge ahead of 1.5 billion mark in 2015, will attribute to the growing demand for green tea. 

The green tea market offers a green tea bags, green tea instant mixes, iced green tea, and many other types which are found in myriad flavors. Some of the commonly sold flavors are lemongrass, ginger, lemon, jasmine, aloe vera, cinnamon, and others. Some of the companies to watch out for in the green tea industry are AMORE Pacific Corp, DSM Nutritional Products, Associated British Foods LLC, Nestle S.A., Oregon Chai Inc, Numi Organic Tea, Northern tea Merchants Ltd, and Tetley GB Ltd.