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Published on : Sep 19, 2013

American international communications and information technology solutions provider Harris Corporation announced that it has received a $38 million order for supplying tactical radios to the United States Air Force. These radios will be used by the U.S. Air Force for expanding the deployment of its two-channel wideband tactical communications.

As part of the order, Harris will supply the USAF with Falcon III® AN/PRC-117G multiband manpack and AN/PRC-152A multiband tactical radio systems (handheld). These radios allow communication with personnel on-ground as well as in the air.

With the incorporation of these radios, the USAF will be able to speed up the implementation of a Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS). This system will render wideband networking capabilities to Air Force personnel, para-rescue operations and combat communications.

Falcon III, the next generation tactical radio from Harris provides secure voice communications besides enabling operators and communicators to exchange e-mails, text messages, images and videos. 

Besides the USAF and the U.S. military, Harris has also shipped over 40,000 AN/PRC-117G and AN/PRC-152A radios to over 15 allied nations. 

Harris has extensively tested the Falcon III radios in laboratory settings, on-field exercises and even on the battlefield.

These lightweight and portable radios are designed to be compatible with virtually every software system or application used by military forces.