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Hamilton Voters Accept Embargo on Plastic Bags

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Published on : Apr 13, 2015

Hamilton residents are said to be bidding farewell to plastic bags and to be said to have accepted the embargo on them on Saturday. The proposal, bestowed by the Board of Health and campaigned for by the regional recycling association, is focused at the elimination of surroundings damage and health hazards induced by plastic bags and Styrofoam formed by polyethylene.

The Town Meeting consent comes approximately a year following residents located nearby Manchester accepted an identical proposal. A member of Hamilton’s Board of Health, named Susan Wilfahrt, started the debate by pointing at in a speech with a presentation of slides giving his views on the hazardous effects of the materials. 

Wilfahrt elaborated that the materials were primarily perilous due to the reason that they were not ecological. Plastics cracks down into micro-plastics, which further unite with deadly chemicals including PCBs and DDTs, which then gets eaten by fish. She spoke about the lethal affects of the micro-plastics which elevates further down the food chain, as large fish eat the small fish, and eventually we consume them. 

Wilfahrt spoke about the Board of Health having received backing from all 30 businesses they interrogated about the embargo, including one store holder, who was formerly indecisive but later on asserted agreement. As always, a few of the residents didn’t like the proposal and wanted the board of health to take it back. Bill Bowler, of Essex Street, talked about the independence of 
choice. He further said that if we as clients are not in favor of the plastic bags, then businesses would look for other choices for sure.

Yet another member from the Board of Health said that it is not about plastic vs. paper but is actually about recycled bags vs. single time use, which was an answer to Bowler’s concerns. Talking in terms of the cost, Willnow said that if people start using their own recycled bags, then costs would be depreciated immensely for businesses.

The ideas look good if we see it from the point of the hazardous affects the plastic bags have on the livings beings as well as the environment but we are yet to see how far this proposal goes and what future benefits it drives through its constant execution.

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