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Growing Usage of Nuts and Seeds in Cosmetics Drives Overall Market

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Published on : Jun 03, 2016

The global nuts and seeds market is broken down into types of nuts and seeds available in the overall market. According to research analysts, the types of nuts available in this market are cashew nuts, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, and macadamia nuts amongst others. On the other hand, the types of seeds available in this market are chia seeds, sunflower seeds, maize/corn, soybean, and others. Geographically, this market is spread over North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World. The study suggests that Asia Pacific will offer huge opportunities for growth to the nuts and seeds market in the coming.

Excellent Nutritional Benefits of Nuts and Seeds Drives Global Market
The global nuts and seeds market has been proliferating due to the rising consumer awareness about the advantages of consuming these, in limited amounts, on a daily basis. Nuts and seeds are known to contain terrific amounts of folate, iron, fiber, protein, and other essential minerals that are important for healthy functioning of the body. 

Cosmetic Usage of Nuts and Seeds Opens up Newer Opportunities
Today, these food additives are used for extracting oil that is used for cooking as well as for cosmetic purposes. Furthermore, nuts and seeds are also added to food preparation as they impart excellent value to the food.

Cashews and Corn Lead Nuts and Seeds Segment Respectively
Out of all the types of nuts, the cashew nuts have been leading the overall market due to their popular demand in cooking. On the other hand, corn or maize seeds have been dominating the seeds market due to their well-known health benefits.

The only restraint in the global nuts and seeds market is the possibility of diarrhea, weight gain, and bowel disorder due to overconsumption. Furthermore, the increasing price of these seeds and nuts has also been a massive deterrent in the overall market.