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Growing Number of Geriatrics Augment Global Cosmetics Market

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Published on : May 05, 2016

The world of cosmetics has become synonymous with beauty across various classes of the society. Though the global cosmetics market has been dominated by women, the new age men are also seeking cosmetic solutions of enhancing their appearances. In a bid to groom like professionals, several consumers are investing in various kinds of cosmetics. To cater to these demands, several manufacturers are upping their research and development technologies and diverting their investments towards powerful marketing tactics. All of these factors put together have resulted in a steady rise of the global cosmetics market.

Desire for Youthful Skin Propels Overall Cosmetics Market
The biggest reason behind the success of the cosmetics market is the growing desire for youthful skin amongst the aging or the geriatrics populations. The early signs of aging such as wrinkles and pigmentation have boosted the sale of anti-aging cosmetics that hold the promise of younger-looking skin. 

Adverse Effects of Pollution Drives Global Market
The unmanageable dryness of skin and hair due to rising pollution levels is also acting as a major driver for the global cosmetics market. In the coming years, the rapid industrialization is anticipated to make an unfortunately generous contribution the environmental pollution, which in turn is likely to boost the cosmetics market. This trend will be especially seen in cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Shanghai, and Beijing in the near future.

Introduction of Organic Cosmetics to Propel Market
Yet another noteworthy trend in the global cosmetics market is the introduction of organic products that is appealing to a class of consumers that are health-conscious. The need to go natural and the replace synthetic products with natural ones is propelling this segment of the market to a huge extent.

The global cosmetics market does face a few challenges such as side effects of these cosmetics on the skin and human health. However, the rising innovations and growth of e-commerce are expected to offer several opportunities to this market.