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Growing Inclination towards Functional Foods, Preference for Naturally Healthy Foods a Prime Trend

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Published on : Jan 29, 2016

The increasing awareness amongst consumers on the health advantages of foods as well as the nutritional advantages associated to them for the prevention of diseases and enhancement of health is fuelling the functional foods market. These foods offer a number of health benefits such as the improvement in the human immune system. 

The top trends in the market for functional foods have been presented as below:

  • Naturally Healthy: A message conveying that a food ingredient or a food comprise intrinsic or natural health benefits is the most attractive feature for majority of the consumers. Thus, the growing trend of naturally functional foods such as quinoa and chia. These foods claim to be naturally healthy and thus get positive attention from the media. Thus, food products similar to these leave a perception in the minds of the consumers of being minimally processed in comparison to its substitutes, which further raise their demand.
  • Incline towards Protein: Just like naturally functional foods, the adoption of protein-rich foods has been is on the rise accounting for the majority of the market within the U.S in the forecast horizon starting from 2012 to 2013. This is due to the increasing popularity of products such as Greek yoghurt and the adding of protein into already trusted brands such as General Mills’ Nature Valley. However, the popularity of protein is at a nascent stage in Asia and Europe. 
  • Preference for Good Carbs or Less Carbs: Another emerging trend seen in the market for functional foods is the growing search for good carbs or less carbs. A number of consumers in different age groups, especially the ones from the younger age group have started consuming less refined carbohydrates and this has resulted in few consumption of the conventional sandwich bread within the U.S. accompanied by an yearly fall of 2% in volume sales of this bread. Thus, the demand for whole foods rose exponentially in the past few years. This is why the already established grain making companies are also progressing and are poised to expand even more in the coming years.

Thus, the global market for functional foods is witnessing a rapid growth and will outpace the conventional processed food market.