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Growing Diabetic Population to Drive Global Diabetic Food Market in Near Future

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Published on : Apr 01, 2016

Diabetes is a life-long condition, which affects how the human body handles the glucose levels. It is a condition in which the blood glucose levels exceeds and starts affecting the other organs and system of the human body. Most of the diabetic population, across the globe, have type 2 diabetes, in which the insulin generated by the body is not sufficient. As a result, the food intake has to be monitored along with the medications.

Eating a balanced diet is considered as one of the life’s greatest pleasure. A person having a diabetic situation should not be derived from the pleasure of eating good and healthy food. One needs to monitor the calorie count and plans the meal accordingly. The tremendously increasing diabetic population, across the globe is one of the major factors that is estimated to fuel the growth of the global diabetic food market in the next few years. In addition, the growing awareness regarding the medications and opting for diabetic food is further driving the diabetic food market. 

The growing demand for diabetic food has encouraged the major players operating in the market are taking constant efforts on adding new food products to their existing portfolio and attract consumers. In addition, the weight-watchers around the globe, are also preferring no sugar and low carb diet in order to lead a healthy life. As a result, the demand for diabetic food has been increasing in the last few years. 

The major players operating in the global market for diabetic food are making use of artificial sweeteners and are taking constant efforts to provide baked and confectionary products along with dietary beverages, low-calorie jellies and ice creams, and low-fat dairy products. Apart from that, the increasing number of youth population diagnosed with diabetes and the intake of junk food due to hectic lifestyle is further estimated to fuel the growth of the market in the near future.

The presence of numerous players in the global market for diabetic food has developed a healthy competition among the players. Some of the prominent players leading the overall market are Fifty 50 Foods, Inc., The Coca-Cola Company, Unilever Plc, Kellogg Company, David Chapman\'s Ice Cream Limited, Cadbury plc, Mars, Inc., PepsiCo Inc., and Nestle S.A.