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Growing Diabetic Population in India Compels Government to Offer Diabetic Diet on Trains

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Published on : Feb 02, 2016

In recent times, lifestyle changes and demanding jobs have led to a high number of cases of conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, especially among young population. This, coupled with growing consumer awareness about proper disease management in the long run, has boosted sales of functional foods such as nutraceuticals and diabetic foods across the globe.  Factors such as high intake of high-calorie foods and inadequate physical exercise are pointed as the key reasons for rapidly growing number of diabetics. In order to cater to this growing population, manufacturers are introducing new food products that use sugar substitutes and are low in calorie content. Food manufacturers are also widening their distribution channels. These factors will give a strong thrust to the global diabetic food market. 

In the U.S., high consumption of fast food has been cited as a key reason behind the rising prevalence of obesity among children. This is propelling demand for low-calorie foods that offer both nutrition and taste. In Europe, the U.K. and Germany are the leading markets for diabetic food due to rising adoption of healthy foods among geriatrics. 
In Asia Pacific, India and China are the leading markets for diabetic food. In these countries, economic development and adoption of Western lifestyle practices are the key reasons leading to an increasing attraction for health-benefitting convenience foods, which, in turn, is driving the diabetic food market. 

Indian Government to Introduce Diabetic Diet on Trains

With India being home to more than seven crore people affected by diabetes, the government has planned to introduce diabetic diet in long-distance trains. The need for diabetics to adhere to a specific dietary regimen has led the government to put an option of getting diabetic diet in trains with catering services and across railway platforms.