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Greenland Darkens with Fear of Rising Sea Level Intensifying

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Published on : Jul 25, 2017

Global warming and the melting of icebergs has been a threat for a long time now. Scientists have expressed concerns regarding the melting icebergs near the poles and other glacier regions. This has also resulted in an alarming rise in the sea level. Recently, scientists discovered that the melting of the ice sheet in Greenland could intensify in the coming years and raise the sea level over the expected limit. The scientists are also claiming that the warm conditions are triggering the growth of algae and thus darkening the surface also.

More Insights

At present the Greenland ice sheet is signifying 1mm a year to the ascent in the worldwide normal level of the seas. It is the biggest mass of ice in the northern side of the equator covering a range around seven times the extent of the United Kingdom and coming to up to 3km (2 miles) in thickness. This implies the normal sea level would ascend far and wide by around seven meters, over 20ft, in the event of melting. 

Due to this Greenland, however remote, is a concentration of research which also direct importance to core coastal cities as far apart as Shanghai, London, and Miami and low-lying regions in parts of Britain and Bangladesh. Algae growth were first seen on the Greenland ice sheet over a century prior however as of not long ago its potential effect was disregarded. Just over the most recent couple of years have analysts begun to investigate how the infinitesimally little plants could influence melting in the future.