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Green semiconductors on a rise in the semiconductor industry

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Published on : Jun 04, 2014

With every passing day, the semiconductor industry is turning green and number of electronics parts is increasing due to the rising demand of Internet of Things (IoT). There is also a reduction in the power consumption of electronic devices that is supposedly the key to securing market competitiveness. 

According to leading company sources, several semiconductor companies at home and abroad, including Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, are actively in quest of sharpening their competitiveness in the field of ‘green semi-conductors’. Owing to the increased amount of data in the IoT era, the development is starting with low-power memory chips and sensors in this sector. 

Speaking individually about each product, Samsung’s green DRAM is DDR4 that is very effective when it comes to reduced operating voltage and bandwidth as compared to DDR3. DDR4 is in the limelight as the next-gen memory chip. It offers as much as 40 percent increased performance and up to 15 percent reduced energy consumption as compared with DDR3. A Korean tech giant company is planning to develop Phase-change Memory (PRAM) and magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) as the next-gen green memory solutions. PRAM demands less energy due to being slow and is non-volatile, but MRAM is both CPU and memory.

In addition, SK Hynix has also developed a 64 GB DDR4 module in March that targets the green memory market. Due to Silicon Via (TSV) technology, this new product has showed more capacity in performance. 

Moreover, censors are consuming lower power. Rambus, a U.S. based firm is planning on developing lensless smart sensor in alignment with the IoT era. It is a sensor that uses a phase grating technique instead of optical method. Rambus is aiming at commercializing the sensor in the coming years by making it cheaper to maintain too.  

These methods are helping in the expansion of power control systems. There is also a growing demand for cost reduction from companies that have Internet as their data centers. Nonetheless, in the mobile sector the necessity of semiconductors is highly developing in the markets to increase the operational life of those semiconductors.

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