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Green Packaging Continue to Expand Steadily- Creating Innovation in Global Packaging Industry

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Published on : May 18, 2016

Toxic materials used in packaging are constantly contributing to many environmental issues such as air pollution, water pollution, and landfill. To fight this, green packaging was introduced, which has proved to be eco-friendly. Growing number of companies are implementing green packaging by using recycled packaging materials to minimize their carbon footprints.

Green is in, not just in terms of financial products, energy, and food, but also in the field of packaging materials. Various businesses are adopting green packaging solutions to be environment-friendly. Global warming and the increasing awareness among people to minimize wastage has resulted in the rise of green packaging products. Many organizations in the global market are focusing on introducing green packaging products to support the environment. Currently, the global green packaging market is one of the fastest growing markets in the global consumer goods industry. With many new players set to enter the global green packaging market, the level of competition is expected to be the highest in the years to come. 

Packaging products, which can be reused and recycled are in demand across the globe. By introducing new green packaging products, leading companies are trying to reduce the worldwide waste arising from packaging materials. 

Where is Green Packaging Applicable?

The growing number of applications of green packaging is expected to propel the global market in the years to come. Some of the areas where green packaging is applicable are:

  • Food and beverages packaging
  • Healthcare packaging
  • Personal care packaging 

Going forward, the global green packaging market is expected to register a steady growth owing to the rising number of companies focusing on introducing new eco-friendly packaging techniques. In the global market, leading players are concentrating on introducing reusable packaging, degradable packaging, and recycled content packaging. Moreover, the demand for recycled content packaging materials such as plastic, paper, metal, and glass is expected to increase in the near future. Also, many industries are adopting plastic containers and drums for packaging their products. 

As a part of Extended producers Responsibility (EPR), many organizations have started adopting green packaging technologies, thus expected to propel the global market in the near future.