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Greater China Achieved 2nd Highest Rank in Consumer Confidence

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Published on : Apr 09, 2015

The Consumer Confidence Index of Taiwan in the first quarter of 2015 was determined as the second-highest among the 4 regions in the Greater China which also incorporate mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau as stated in a composite university study on the consumer confidence in the region. It is the top ranking Taiwan has achieved since 2008 in any regional CCI surveys.

The CCI of Taiwan jumped up 1.41 points from the past quarter having 86.2 points to 87.61 points in first quarter, which is just lower than the mainland China having 104.3 point, but higher than Macau with 85.41 points and Hong Kong with 83.8 points, as stated in the results of the quarterly report, published on Wednesday in Beijing.

The Taiwan index include 8 indicators, which reflect the consumer confidence in the areas of stock investment, durable goods procurement, real estate procurement, household savings, employment, economic growth, domestic economic conditions, and commodity prices.

The highest score was registered at 120.14 points for the stock investment, which was followed by 104.79 points for the real estate procurement, 100.62 points for the durable goods procurement, 96.43 points for the employment, 81.37 points for the household savings, 80.48 points for the domestic economic conditions, 74.29 points for the economic growth, and 53.7 points for the commodity prices.

The low score in the commodity prices shows the Taiwanese people's dissatisfaction over the rising prices and sluggish wage growth, stated Mr. Shia Ben-chang, a professor in the health care administration at the Taipei Medical University, who chaired over the Taiwan part of the survey.