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Government to Turn 50,000 South Australian Homes into Energy Generators

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Published on : Feb 05, 2018

The State Government in South Australia announced on Sunday, Feb 04, 2018, that nearly 50,000 homes in this region will get solar panels with Tesla batteries. This project is a landmark plan to turn individual homes into a huge and interconnected power plant. The region already homes the biggest battery in the world, which is currently utilized in an Elon Musk project, aimed at providing electricity to over 30,000 homes. Since then, the state government has been looking for more methods, especially renewables-based, to address the issues regarding energy generation after a state-wide blackout was caused by an unprecedented storm in 2016. According to the new plan, which was unveiled on Feb 04, a network of solar panels connected to rechargeable batteries will be given free of cost to households and will be financed by the selling of additional electricity generated by that network, stated the government’s spokesperson.

Jay Weatherill, the state Premier stated that the government has already provided the biggest battery of the world, now it will deliver the largest virtual power plant in the world. “We will utilize the homes of people as a medium to generate electricity for the South Australian grid and the participating households will be benefited with a significant saving in their electricity bills,” he added. A trial phase will soon begin with one thousand and one hundred public housing properties, with each being supplied with a 5kW solar panel and Tesla battery. Post the trial, the systems will be deployed at other 24,000 public housing properties for testing purposes, following which, the scheme will be opened up to other citizens in this region over the next four years.