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Government Departments Missing Targets Set for Reducing Energy Consumption

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Published on : Apr 27, 2015

A new report provided by the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland), which has been seen by the Irish Independent, presents that in 2013 the energy use has gone down by 14% in the public sector. However, EU and a Government have been focusing to reduce the consumption by about 33% by the end of 2020. This target has been curbed by a lack of progress in some of the prominent sectors. The ‘Public Sector Energy Efficiency Performance' annual report has informed that around 67 agencies have been using more energy than earlier they used to do; whereas, they are required to reduce the consumption levels. The report also says that one in the three public bodies, or 134 out of 400, has refused to give their report to SEAI, which is a compulsion from them to do.

The lack of ambition has raised some serious questions concerning leadership at a Government level regarding progress, especially, as any reductions in energy use will help in reducing bills and get free from the funding for the prominent public services.

In a very embarrassing development process, three departments of Government, including the Public Expenditure and Reform Department, have increased the consumption instead of making some reductions. The Department of Education has shown no change, whereas the Department of Energy, Communications, and Natural Resources, which are boosting  the efficiency programs have exhibited a lot of improvements; however they are also not on the path to achieve the targets set till 2020.

The SEAI has further stated that around 266 of mentioned progress till date and 41% of these will achieve the target. Another 31% are still showing improvements but at a slower pace. And the remaining 28% are making more use of the energy than before.