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Google’s Robot Caller gets First Public Trial

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Published on : Jun 28, 2018

Google’s robot caller is to get its first public trial albeit on a small-scale. The robot caller that can speak to humans for reservations or appointments will be calling few businesses in the next few weeks as a pilot to test the system. Google, however, is not specific about how many firms would be included in the pilot.

First introduced at Google’s developer conference in May, the robot caller is the talk of the town in this year so far. The demo involved showing the robot voice call a restaurant to book a table, speak to a human at the restaurant and confirm the details. The whole demo startled the audience, the voice while created was incredibly lifelike – it even “uh-huh” and “mm” to the conversation in a natural manner.

Despite Highly Impactful, Robot-human Exchange Subject to Debate

In fact, the conversation is so lifelike that the recipient would have no inkling to be speaking to a robot. Despite the impact of the robot caller, an enormous debate about the goodness and badness of such an exchange couldn’t be stopped. Not only this, the audience were cynical about the demo as well. The two recordings that were played were flawless, but the big question is how many attempts were required to produce a completely faultless piece.

Earlier in the week, Duplex as the Google’s robot is called was first heard at a hummus restaurant in Mountain View. However, what is immediately noticeable is that the robot caller identifies itself as an automated system. It begins with notifying the recipient to be an automated booking service, and that the call would be recorded.

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