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Google’s New App for Cautious Data Users

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Published on : Nov 30, 2017

Smartphone, despite its increasing penetration, is still considered an expensive buy in developing countries and so is data. With an aim to reach out to such cautious spenders, Alphabet’s Google has unveiled an app for Android users. It is meant to aid people in managing their data usage on phone.

Features and Functionalities of Datally

The app, which has been named Datally, helps to find out which apps are guzzling data on your phone and at what time. Not just that, it will also recommend ways to bring down usage depending upon your own activity and informing you about nearby Wi-Fi networks that you could use. In this manner, the app can save you valuable data and money spent on it.

The app has a button at the top to help you prevent all background data usage, so that only the app active onscreen can draw data. It also has a chat-head type bubble that will pop up to inform you about the amount of data your running app is sucking. Just in case you do not want to thwart every single app from using background data, Datally will let you manage that too.

However, for longtime Android users, Datally may not come across as unique or exciting. This is because almost all of the app’s functionalities are already built into Android directly. Datally still steals a march by making it available in one place, since in an Android phone they are usually inside the settings menu from where they are fished out.

Datally is a part of Google’s next Billion Users initiative under which the internet behemoth is attempting to make Google products more viable in nations having limited mobile connections and where lower-end hardware is widely used.