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Googles Adds More Languages to Gboard App

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Published on : Mar 07, 2018

Google’s approach towards its applications and new developments has always been peculiarly different from convention. In a similar light, the company has introduced further upgrades to its keyboard app, Gboard. In the current sce Googles Adds More Languages to Gboard App nario where people are losing interest in key board apps, the decision to bring about upgrades sounds inconsistent. Google has added more languages to the app, amongst which Chinese and Korean are the most notable ones. These two languages will be on the Gboard app for android for the first time. This new introduction by Google was preceded by the news of a new iMessage app extension that would integrate Google search into iMessage.

Encompassing Linguistic Heterogeneity

Google has added a set of 20 languages with the new upgrade to the app, which takes the total number of numbers on the app to over 300. Google states that it has covered 74% of the linguistic verities that exist across the globe, thus, taking a step further in easing communications. The company has also expounded that it is not just focusing on popular languages, but is also making efforts to encapsulate lesser-known regional languages such as Maori and Manx.

Widening Consuming Base

In its quest to provide apps that work offline, Google is introducing new version of its apps that consume a lower-bandwidth. Some of the examples of such apps include Gmail Go, YouTube Go, Google Go, Files Go, and Google and Assistant Go. The company wants to widen its consumer base by persuading first-time mobile users to subscribe to Google’s services. In line with this business strategy, it seems sensible for the company to add more languages to its Gboard app.