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Google Unveils Standalone Camera ‘Clips’ in its Hardware Event 2017

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Published on : Oct 05, 2017

So you thought that the recent launch of Pixel 2 XL smartphones launched by Google Inc. at the Hardware Event 2017 was the most notable and exciting announcement expected for gadget nerds. However, there are also some surprises in store as the technology giant has unveiled Clips, an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven camera in the special media event held at San Francisco on October 5. Not an expected debut, the fascinating gadget, unarguably, is a small standalone camera equipped with amazing features, contends market experts. Though designed for sort of passive use, the users can use the camera to capture their best moments in pictures not possible earlier using a smartphone or even with a dedicated camera, the behemoth believes.

Machine Learning Used in Standalone Camera Lets Users Select Most Adorable Moments 

Clips, essentially said to be smart wearable lets users capture video and images up to three hours at a stretch and the with help the machine learning algorithms the device selects the best, adorable moments. Google has infused the device with the feature ‘motion photos’, typical of Live Photo from Apple iPhone.

Compared to all other recent debuts by Google, this launch is markedly different. The product lead of the company at the event reiterated that the camera is not supposed to be an accessory to its Pixel phone or for that matter any device. Furthermore, it isn’t inherently networked, such as to cloud; however sharing is possible through an app using a single button, the developer revealed. In addition, the device uses Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth LE for connectivity.

The ultra-light camera boasts of 16GB of onboard storage and an expansive angle view-30-degree field of view. To add to this, the ultra-low power vision processing unit (VPU) developed by Movidius, Intel New Technology Group makes it exciting to techno-savvy consumers.

Interestingly enough, Google is not bothered about the megapixels the sensor of the camera allows. The new camera is expected to be priced at US$249.