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Google to Take Initiative to Prevent the Spread of False News

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Published on : Dec 18, 2017

Fake news over the internet has become a big time menace these days as they are known to have created enough disturbances across the globe. Such fake news are sources of false information. At the backdrop of such a situation, Google Inc. has come up with some measures to curb the spread of such news.

Exclusion of Websites with Masked Country of Origin

The search engine giant is preventing the showing up of those websites that mask their original country. Such websites would not turn up at Google search results. In a new updated guideline by the Google, the news that would be displayed on Google must not misstate, conceal or misrepresent information pertaining to its main purpose and about its ownership.

Although it looks like a small initiative but it is predicted to have far reaching effect. With exclusion of websites that hide their country of origin, the tech giant is diminishing its possibility of spread and as such, burying such fake news.

People tend to rely on news from well-reputed sources, however, with the emergence and phenomenal popularity of social media, publishers of fake news are taking to social media to spread such news. For instance, Russian propagandists write false news about the US and distribute it in such a way that it seems to be coming from legitimate publications of the US. With such an initiative by the Google, the reach of such fake news from Russia will be diminished to a great extent.

Google has been the main source of news for many people across the globe, thus the move does not come as a surprise.