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Google to Release the Much Waited Android 9.0 Version Called Android Pie

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Published on : Aug 07, 2018

Google has cruised into the Q3 of 2018 today by announcing the release of its highly awaited Android version 9.0, simply called Android Pie. Following its release on Google Pixel devices by providing updates over-the-air, the version will also be made available for few other phones brands shortly.

More Insights into the Journey of Android Pie

This is probably the first time Android has kept a highly generic name to its operating system version, the previous ones being much too specific. Android 9.0, earlier called Android P, was first released as a beta version in March, and will now integrate a whole bunch of interesting features into its operating system. In other words, intelligence, simplicity, and digital wellbeing are three domains, wherein Android 9.0 Pie is anticipated to excel splendidly.

Functionalities of the latest version depend heavily on a feature called App Actions, which is an AI-powered predictive feature. It takes in a lot of data based on past actions and then repeats those actions later on. Another feature called Slices will be released with this version. Slices form a part of the Google Search bar, and will provide users additional information about the term being searched. Android P also comes with a new navigation system, wherein the old back, home and recent apps buttons will be replaced with a single pill-shaped home button. Users will need to swipe right for recent apps and swipe up to access app drawers.

Android Pie will be implementing a plethora of new security and privacy features. A key feature includes the non-accessibility of mic, camera, and sensors of the phone after it goes idle. Apart from these features, smart text selection, improved notification bundling, enhanced auto-fill, revamped quick settings menu, and new volume shortcuts, are among a few other functions present in the latest Android version.