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Google Street View Introduces International Space Station View

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Published on : Jul 24, 2017

With constant improvements, Street View, Google’s map imagery tool, has been able to go beyond paved roads and allow users to virtually tour some of the greatest landmarks and monuments across the globe. With the latest update, the tool will allow users to visit the International Space Station (ISS). It will allow everyone to get a panoramic 360-degree view of everything in the space station, including what astronauts on board are up to.

International Space Station is a Modern Science Marvel: Google

One can either stare out of the cupola at the views of the earth below, or can tour throughout the ISS to see how it looks like from the point of view of an astronaut. The cupola is a small module developed for the observation of activities outside the space station. Google says that the ISS is a marvel of engineering and modern science and Street View offers a great opportunity to explore the work and living spaces of astronauts.

For each location to be shown in Street View, Google has to drive around and take pictures. To match each picture to its geographic location on the map, the company combines signals from sensors that measure speed, global positioning system (GPS), and direction. To prevent gaps in the 360-degree view photos, adjacent cameras make sure to take slightly overlapping pictures and then these photos are combined into a single image. Special image processing algorithms are used to reduce ‘seams’ and enable smooth transitions.