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Google Shells Out Hefty Amounts in Government Lobbying

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Published on : Jan 23, 2019

Google, whose parent company is Alphabet Inc., revealed the amount it spent on lobbying with the U.S. government in 2018. As per it, the amount was a staggering US$21.2 mn. It also revealed that the amount topped the earlier high of US$18.22 mn reached in 2012. This is because of the constant scrutiny into its various practices.

Google, while filing to Congress on Tuesday, informed this. Facebook, made a similar disclosure on Tuesday. It announced that it had spent US$12.62 mn on lobbying with the government in 2018. A year back, the figure was US$11.51 mn. Meanwhile, Google forked out US$18.04 mn on lobbying a year back in 2017.

All such high spends of tech bigwigs are a direct result of the U.S. lawmakers tightening their privacy and antitrust rules. And it’s not just the case in the U.S. Elsewhere too, such as Asia and Europe, regulatory backlash is getting technology investors nervous.

Other Tech Biggies Forced to Spend Huge Amounts on Lobbying

In 2018, tech giant Microsoft Corp. forked out US$9.52 mn in just lobbying with the government. In 2017, the amount was US$8.5 mn. Circa 2013, it was far more manageable below the US$10.5 mn tab.

Apple Inc., however, was an aberration. It spent US$6.62 mn last year. This was less than the amount of US$7.15 mn it spent in 2017.

So far, however, Google has been a top spender when it comes to lobbying with the government in Washington. Other firms spending as much as it has are defense contractors, cable operators, and healthcare firms.