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Google Reply for Smart Replies on Android Messaging Apps

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Published on : Feb 21, 2018

Reply is one of the latest Google apps that the giant search engine is currently working on. The app offers you smart replies to send to messages that may not require to be replied elaborately. You can think of short replies such as “Cool” or “No, thanks.” In this age of clever bots and AI, people do expect such apps to come up. Reply may act as a messaging bot offering smart replies to messages in Twitter, WhatsApp, Android messages, Google Hangouts, and other messaging apps. It pops up with a couple of selected smart replies whenever you receive a message.

App Currently under Test as Part of Closed Beta

Reply is expected to be in action mainly in the notifications panel. Its suggested replies are anticipated to be extremely clever, adapting according to its understanding of what the message sender is trying to say. For instance, when asked how long it would take for you to reach home, you would receive a time estimation depending on the location when walking, using public transport, or driving, after tapping a button. Furthermore, the app could reply depending on what you are doing at the time when you receive the message. For instance, if it senses that you are running or driving, a reply could be sent accordingly.

However, in order to use Reply, you are required to link it to your Google account. This may be required to store your preferences and tailor replies according to your style.