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Google might Win Android Auto Deal with Toyota after Initial Disappointment

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Published on : Sep 24, 2018

According to a market research news platform, Google’s infotainment software, Android Auto could be installed in Toyota vehicles. Both the companies have allegedly settled on an agreement which allows Google to provide its infotainment software for Toyota trucks and cars. However, it is still not clear which types of Toyota vehicles will receive the software. Initially, Google did not receive the green signal from the automobile company to let its software into Toyota’s vehicles. This was despite the rising popularity of the software which enabled it to make it into several automobiles of different brands. Nevertheless, the official announcement of the deal is expected next month.

Toyota Initially Turned Down Google because of Concern over Information Sharing

The reason behind Toyota’s refusal to the installation of Android Auto in its infotainment systems was said to be purely ‘privacy concern.’ There were questions raised about the amount of personal data and vehicle information that Google would collect to make Android Auto work. Toyota did not just refused Android Auto prior to the deal with Google but also other third-party software. However, Apple’s CarPlay made it to Toyota’s RAV4, Corolla Hatchback, and Avalon in January 2018. Toyota has not cleared the air whether Google’s infotainment software would be installed in Lexus, its luxury brand.

It would be interesting to see how the inclusion of Android Auto may affect the purchase decision of Toyota vehicle buyers. It could also be a win-win situation for Google and Toyota if buyers do not mind Android Auto installed in their cars.