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Google Launches ‘Datally’ App to Regulate Mobile Data Usage

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Published on : Dec 01, 2017

As people are becoming increasingly reliant on the usage of the internet, the vitality of mobile data has hit soaring heights. More so, it has magnified the need for saving mobile data to reap the benefits of cost saving. Google has taken a pragmatic step in this regard by introducing an app, ‘Datally’, that allows smartphone users to track their mobile data usage. The app has been designed to exploit the market gap for mobile data regulation. It is being considered as a prominent introduction for global smartphone users.

How does ‘Datally’ work?

‘Datally’ provides the data consumption statistics for each app within a smartphone and allows the users to restrict data consumption for the chosen apps. It also dispels information about the available Wi-Fi networks along with the user commentary for its strength and quality. Some of the features of the Datally app are also offered in the settings panel of android smartphones but a specialized app would increase the nimbleness of operations.
Future Seems Bright for Datally

Several consumers of mobile data have expressed despair over their inability to understand where their purchased data gets used up. The ideation of the app was driven by this pressing need in the market and it is now expected to bring peace to the users. The app has been tested in the Philippines for the past few months and the result is that the users have saved up to 30% on their data.

Google’s team revealed that initially they feared a reduction in the usage of their own services with the introduction of Datally. However, the apprehension was dismissed on account of the fact that consumers continue to use apps that are useful and enjoyable for them.