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Google Kills ‘View Image’ Button after Settlement with Getty Images

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Published on : Feb 16, 2018

Getty Images, a stock photography website, has lodged a complaint against Google in Europe for making it way too easy for users to find a way around laws pertaining to image trademarks and copyrights. The giant search engine has been under the fire in the past where it had found itself more or less on the losing side. The two companies have made a settlement which has brought a few changes in how Google users would use image search. One of the biggest changes is probably the removal of “View Image” option in image search results.

Changes in Google image search results could have an enormous impact on users more than the search engine company. The View Image option had allowed users to conveniently view images, and even download them after viewing, without the need to visit the source website. However, it had been a huge headache for image owners or those who had the rights for the images.

Google to Challenge Immediate Saving of Images by Removing ‘Search by Image’

The complaint raised by Getty is mostly to do with Google making it easier for users to lift material without attribution. While this could be a legitimate complaint, the option did not inform users of licensing or copyright requirements. Another aspect of the complaint is that source websites were deprived of ad revenue visits and page hits as images had been delivered instantly by Google.

However, users could still view and save images through Google using other ways. The search engine is also expected to remove “Search by Image” option used to find images similar to the one searching for but without watermarks. Reverse image search could be an option, however, users may still run into the same limitations.