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Google Introduces Solar Power Service in UK

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Published on : May 31, 2018

Tech giant Google is in news again this time for launching solar power services in UK. Partnering with energy supplier Eon, Google has released an online tool called Project Sunroof that fetches data from Google’s Earth and Maps apps.

First launched in the U.S. in 2015, Project Sunroof was largely accepted to be accurate except some odd results. The tech giant is also working with German software enterprise Tetraeder on this project.

Project Sunroof Equipped to Estimate Solar Potential of Homes

Project Sunroof employs machine learning to estimate the solar potential of a house. It does so by examining the property’s features such as roof area and angle, weather data such as sun positioning. As per Google, Project Sunroof’s model is detailed enough to determine the impact of a single tree on the solar potential of a home.

Howbeit, the offering from Google is not the first of its kind. Ikea offers a similar tool in collaboration with Solarcentury, while Tesla launched its self-built Solar Roof Calculator last summer. To receive a quote on savings from these companies and other providers, homeowners, however need to submit additional data about the shape of the roofs in their homes.

Project Sunroof offers advantage of lowering barriers for homeowners. It automatically inspects roofing data using Google Earth imagery. This serves to analyze roof shape and eliminates one step to get solar panels installed.

First launched in the U.S. followed by Germany, Project Sunroof is now available in select regions in U.K., which include Birmingham, Liverpool, Reading, Brighton, Newcastle, and parts of London.