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Google Cloud’s New Product to make Custom Machine Learning Models Easy

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Published on : Jan 18, 2018

In a breakthrough development, Google Cloud has launched a new product Cloud AutoML to help businesses and developers with restricted machine learning knowledge to easily build robust custom machine learning systems. At present, only a few thousand deep learning researchers and a million data scientists worldwide are there with the expertise to build advanced machine learning models. Using Cloud AutoML, less skilled developers will be able to build these models.

Further, businesses will be able to build simple machine learning model in minutes to steer their AI-enabled programs or to create a complete production-ready model in a day. Cloud AutoML Vision is one of the first Cloud AutoML products that enables easy creation of machine learning models for image recognition.

Cloud AutoML from Google Cloud Piloted on Disney

The service features a drag-and-drop interface for developers to upload images with ease, train and manage models, followed by deployment of trained applications directly on Google Cloud. The service has been developed as a joint venture between Google Brain and other Google AI teams, with the service piloted with select clients such as Zoological Society of London and Disney.

CloudAutoML’s technology is serving to build vision models for Google Cloud products to be annotated with Disney characters, colors, and product categories. These annotations are being integrated into Google’s search engine to improve guest experience by means of more relevant search results, faster discovery, and product recommendations on shopDisney. Apart from this, the Internet giant plans to expand CloudAutoML technology to other forms such as speech, natural language, and video through the year. The search giant plans to gradually roll out CloudAutoML to all Google Cloud APIs by the end of the year.