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Google Announces the Inclusion of Automotive Ads in ADWords

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Published on : May 06, 2015

On Tuesday, Google has made an announcement of the numerous new formats for search advertising and the measurement proposals in a livestream, which was hosted by Jerry Dischler, the Vice President of Product Management for AdWords.

It is not a big surprise that most of these announcements had focused on enhancing the mobile experiences and giving marketers some better tools to measure, what has turned into a complex path to purchase, which Google is referring as ‘micro-moments’. The updates had been received against the backdrop of the first official announcement of Google, that the smart-phone searches are currently outpacing those on desktop in almost ten nations.

The AdWords livestream in the previous year had a prime focus on the application discovery and the engagement formats. In this year, Google has provided a study regarding the partnership with Ipsos, which presents heavy use of search and app stores amongst smart-phone users. Dischler had mentioned that the recent pilot program, which was showing ads in the search results on Google Play, is specifying that the company will be talking a lot about the ads in Google Play at the Google I/O, which is planned later in this month.

The Google Compare in the U.S. will soon be expanding beyond the auto insurance and credit cards, and will comprise of mortgages, according to many in that industry have been drawing speculations. Google has not been giving out many details; however they have stated that the mortgage product will be rolling out in the U.S. later in this year itself.

The service of auto insurance comparison that was launched in California in this year would also be expanded to new states such as Pennsylvania, Texas, and Illinois, which will also feature agent support.