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Google and Amazon Working to Improve Their Voice Assistance

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Published on : Aug 31, 2018

Both the Amazon and Google are leading to form a new edge of technology in India. The place of numerous languages and dialects, use of these languages in their smart devices might be the key to growth. The tech giants are working on the understanding of how Indians speak to push penetration of their voice assistance – Google Assistant and Alexa of Amazon.

These smart devices are struggling to understand Indian English and bigger task for voice assistance is to understand local languages of India.

These tech giants are struggling to fix the problem. This is better for the companies if they speak and understand the Indian languages and way of speaking English.

Among all the countries where Alexa is launched, it is facing a technical challenge, said Rohit Prasad, head scientist of Alexa and AI, Amazon. Indians tend to interact with smart devices in multiple languages. These devices will be responding to this ‘Indianness’ in the Indian way. It will be able to understand and respond to the commands such as ‘Alexa, AR Rahman songs bajao’.

Alexa and Google Assistant are the two dominant in the Indian market. The number of Internet users in Indian languages is nearly reaching to 75% of the country, KPMG-Google study suggested. 

Amazon recently is working on the improving new skills and its version of voice app in several Indian languages such as Hindi, Tamil, and Gujarati. While Google is focusing on capitalizing and improvement of voice assistance in smartphones. With this, users would be able to talk in Hindi and other regional languages. This assistance is able to speak in Marathi and very soon it will support other languages.