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Google Acquires Relay Media's AMP to Boost Mobile Web Page Loading

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Published on : Oct 10, 2017

Google Inc. has acquired Relay Media's AMP Converter technology that will help accelerate the page loading time for the mobile web browsers, according to the revelation made in the latter’s home page.  Relay Media essentially offers technologies for converting web contents to AMP. Sources believe that during the integration process any new publisher onboarding will be not be taken further and Relay Media may be closed down for some time as per the acquisition deal. However, as disclosed by the Relay Media team, current customers of Relay Media will be able to access the service.

According to the AMP converter company, the essential features will remain unchanged and any substantial change will be communicated to the users well in advance to avoid disruption. However, the company made it clear that post the acquisition the pages will be governed by the Google Terms of Service.

Acquisition to Provide Uncluttered Experience to Users Viewing Mobile Web Pages on Google        

The AMP was being developed by the technology giant for quite some time and this acquisition will open up exciting avenues in mobile web segment, proving to be more lucrative than focusing on developing native apps. The AMP features were essentially meant for web content publication but in recent years they have been found to be useful in e-Commerce.

A potential advantage of the acquisition will be the fast loading of Google pages on mobile platforms, saving the users the hassle of slow-loading pages and non-viewable ads. Unfortunately, these hassles have also been key concerns in an efficient revenue management for web publishers. In addition, developing AMP will prove helpful for upping the experience of users. However critics are skeptical of the loss of control by original publishers on the way pages are displayed and they opine that Google will be able to monetize the pages for its own ends.

Relay Media had launched its AMP business in May, 2016.

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