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Google Acquires a Segment of HTC’s Smartphone division in a $1.1bn Deal Closure

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Published on : Jan 30, 2018

Google has gathered the reigns of HTC’s hardware business and is now expected to receive a huge-scale transfer of resources from the latter. Google closed its $1.1bn deal with HTC which led to the acquisition that was announced in September last year. This step is anticipated to strengthen the hardware proficiency of Google in the form of key resources from HTC’s prolific hardware base. The smartphone devices produced by HTC were acclaimed by the experts but they neither spurred in popularity nor in sales.

Benefits Anticipated by Google

HTC would be transferring over 2000 engineers to Google’s technical team that will bring-in valuable human resource to Google. This inflow of skilled labor is expected to up the development prospects within Google’s engineering teams. Furthermore, Google will now be able to access the intellectual property of HTC by means of a non-exclusive license. However, HTC will keep making its own smartphones by retaining the Vive VR division. Google has outsourced its Pixel hardware to HTC, and now, the former would be able to directly employ HTC’s development team. Another advantage for Google would be its presence in Taiwan where HTC is headquartered. The Senior VP of hardware at Google expressed his willingness to welcome the new team from HTC.

Developments Envisioned by Google              

Google has already announced its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab in Beijing, China, and a base in Shenzhen is also underway. The company has also formed an alliance with the $500 billion Chinese player, Tencent. It would be interesting to see Google’s progress line in the Chinese market where abundant opportunities lie.