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Gold Based Chemotherapy may Offer Better Treatment to Patients

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Published on : Sep 09, 2019

Cancer has become a leading cause of death these days. Despite the exponential rise in the number of cancer cases, there is currently no effective solution for the treatment of the same. Most of the cancer treatment drugs available are ill famous for their several side effects. Cistapin which is widely used as cancer treatment drugs too is known for killing healthy cells in addition to the cancer cells. This, in turn, makes patients more fragile and susceptible to diseases.

Loopholes in Present Therapies Inspired Researchers to Look for an Alternative

With an intention to offer a more targeted solution for cancer, scientists at Molecular Engineering Group at RMIT University found an effective solution that helps to treat cancer in a better way. They researched several molecules and their effect on the selective killing of the cancer cell. In the course, they found that gold-based molecules have an exceptional ability for precise cancer treatment. The molecules have no side effects on healthy cells. Further, they detect and kill the cancer cells, thus offering a more accurate and precise treatment of cancer.

As per the researchers, there are several limitations to present chemotherapy. The therapy cannot be used on weak person and even worsen patient’s condition if given in the later stage of the disease.

The use of gold molecules-based chemotherapy will widen the scope of cancer treatment. In the future, the therapy will help save thousands of patients suffering from cancer.

Whilst the therapy is at present in clinical-stage, researchers are making an extra effort to get it approved by the regulatory bodies.