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Gogoro to Launch Ecofriendly Smartscooter Shortly

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Published on : Jun 18, 2015

Gogoro has set the price for its Smartscooter and it is more costly than its gasoline powered counterpart but the company says it will pay off in two years. The electric scooter company Gogoro has drawn a lot of attention from places where petrol powered scooters have the monopoly. 

Gogoro’s Smartscooter is priced at NT$128,000 approximately US$4,100 according to the Taiwanese manufacturing company’s announcement at a recent press conference. The deluxe version of the scooter will cost NT$138,000. Both scooter prices are comparatively higher priced than the regular gas powered scooters sold in Taiwan. The company demonstrated the new scooter’s cost effectiveness through slides that explained how through government subsidies and savings on fuel the new Smartscooter would be more economical than regular scooters after 2 years of ownership. 

The new battery driven scooter named as Smartscooter was revealed in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. The scooter can be monitored through a mobile app and the vehicle has 30 sensors and is an energy saving means of transport. Gogoro the company was established by Horace Luke who was the former chief innovation officer at HTC. 

The main theme of Gogoro’s sales promotion was the ecological benefits of using the Smartscooter. The regular scooters that run on gas are adding to the world’s carbon emissions, as they wind through traffic on streets across the world. Gogoro has a network of Energy stations where customers could change batteries if they have paid subscriptions. The sophisticated batteries of the scooter is equipped with sensors that have near field communication chips that interact with the energy stations and riders can swap the batteries in about 6 seconds. The energy station can recognize the rider’s membership account through the sensors. Gogoro wants to expand its Energy Network across the world. The preorders for the Smartscooter begin by June 27.