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GMO Certified Foods in the Market are Safe says the China's Ministry of Agriculture

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Published on : Aug 31, 2015

In the past few months, the demand for non-GMO foods is growing. World over, several restaurants have announced they will be shifting to non-GMO foods. Furthermore, the growing health awareness among consumers is fueling the demand for non-GMO foods not only in the Western markets, but also in the Eastern ones.

China is one of the market that has seen a remarkable growth in the demand for natural, organic, and non-GMO foods. In China, the fast few years have witnessed a rising number of food scams, which has in turn fueled the demand for such healthy foods. The demand for genetically modified foods is growing. However, recently, the Ministry of Agriculture in the country announced that all certified GMO foods sold in the domestic market are safe.

At present, China has set up a safety supervision system that covers the complete chain of GM products. This includes research, trading, and production of the GMO products. Moreover, in collaboration with other departments the Ministry will improve legislation by concerning GM products and their testing technologies to make sure the safety of genetically modified products. 

The Ministry commented that internationally, there is a conclusion in regards to the safety of GM foods, that these foods have passed the safety regulation and been certified as safe. The Ministry of Agriculture also said that conclusion from the WHO is that no health damage was seen in any people across the globe that have consumed genetically modified foods, which are approved by authorities.

A researcher in the field of biological technology based at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences said that the mainstream opinion from scientists around the world is that GM foods are safe. The researcher further stated that it is natural that some part of the population will oppose new technologies like GM food as they have limited knowledge of such technologies.

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