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GM Plans to Invest Millions to Build Automotives Archive at Durant Dort Factory

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Published on : Aug 17, 2015

General Motors is in plans to invest a few million dollars at Durant Dort ‘Factory One’, the historical plant of the company to build a modern archive that will contain automotive collection. 


The research and archive unit of the plant is section of a refurbishment project aimed to connect the rich manufacturing history of the site with developments underway in the automotive industry.


The first floor of the east wing of the historic plant will be occupied by the research and archive center. Also, plans are in the pipeline for the west wing of the factory to be refurbished to exhibit vintage vehicles and other artifacts from the carriage-building era of Flint.


The Global Product Development Executive at General Motors commented that, Factory One is truly the epicenter of the global automotive industry, thus, it makes sense to build a world-class archive for everyone who is interested in learning how Flint’s carriage-building developed into a global auto industry.


This is one of the latest investments announced by General Motors that the company is making in Flint. Recently, General Motors announced that it would invest US$877 million to construct a new auto body shop at Flint Assembly.


The executive further stated that, the project is another pursuit to preserve the past. It is about narrating the tales of manufacturing pioneers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and innovators and they persevered to build a global auto industry and continue to be role model till date.


Factory One, located in downtown Flint near the Flint River, was started in the year 1880 as a subsidiary of the Flint Cotton & Woolen Mills company. The facility, which was empty in 1886 was rented by Josiah Dallas Dort and William Crapo Durant, who came together to form the historic Flint Road Cart Company.