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GM CEO Warned Apple against Its Entry into Automobiles

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Published on : Feb 19, 2015

Retired CEO of General Motors, Mr. Dan Akerson, stated that Apple should not project into the automobile market. It would be better for the firm to produce automobile electronics instead, he added. Reports emerged earlier this week that Apple is manufacturing its propriety electric vehicle, news which shook the entire vehicle market.

Mr. Akerson stated during a telephone interview that he thinks somebody is tending to cough a hairball here. He also added that if he was a stakeholder in Apple, he would not be happy if the news turns out to be true due to the suspicious long-term prospects of the firm entering an industry famous for being a heavy-manufacturing and low-margin one.

A lot of people who do not ever operate in it do not realize it and have a propensity to underestimate things, stated Mr. Akerson regarding the automobile market that is harder than most people see partially owing to stern security and regulatory requirements.

Akerson warned the company that they would better think carefully if they desire to get into the hard-core vehicle manufacturing. Raw steel is taken and turned into a car. They have no idea of what they are entering into if they enter into that.

There seems to be more possibility of Apple creating partnerships with car manufacturers for the manufacturing of dedicated operating systems and entertainment tools for vehicles.